title: VIGIL

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 3 minutes

Target audience: adults (not necassarily into art)

Outline: My plan is to make a short documentary on the art work ‘VIGIL‘. I want to interview 4 of the participants, one of these being a telephone interview with the person at vigil. I plan to have 2 different time lapses, one with the harbour area (clouds, tide, people) and one with the Old high street. I want to start the documentary looking round folkestone and showing it off, then filming the vigil with motion tracked text (edited on after effects).

Beginning: Make it obvious we are in folkestone, get a sign/creative corner so the watcher knows we are in folkestone, not too much of this as all the short films are being put together.

Then move onto focussing on VIGIL and the Grand Burston. Zoom in to the person on Vigil. Zoom back out, film Joe typing in the number- shot from back of head of him on phone, see the person at VIGIL answer. INTERVIEW.

Middle: time lapse of the area (harbour ect) with a voice over of the log entries.

Ask the people of folkestone/ visitors/ people who work near VIGIL ect, what there opinion of it is.

End: Back to the Grand burston, motion track text onto.

(Some of this may change)

Rationale: I chose this idea because i find VIGIL interesting. I wanted to find out more about it, and there is no better way than creating a documentary on it.

Primary and Secondary research: I have been researching a lot on VIGIL, i have done this through the websites below, through going on a tour and through talking to people. I have found out that VIGIL means watching, observing, spying ect and that the people up at VIGIL are meant to be secluded from the outside world, so can’t have any visitors ect.

I have also found out that The architecture of the hotel  is an ocean liner and looks across at what used to be a ferry port until 2000. From the hotel, you can see views of Folkestone. For his project, Hartley used climbing gear to make a lookout point. This lookout point will have many volunteers living for weeks at a time, and keeping a log book of what they see. Hartley feels this represents the Occupy movement.

Requirements & resources:

location: Harbour hub carpark, outside Grand Burston, harbour area.


Go pro
zoom lens
camera (for proof of our work)
clip on mic
lens hood
boom mic
normal lens
phone (for interview)
sound box


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